Behavioural Code


Welcome to Het HEM: a home for uniqueness, limitless experimentation, audacity and boldness. A place where we shape our inclusivity-based vision together with everyone residing here. We do this by giving a platform to voices from various communities. Stories that appeal to our sense of empathy through the language of art and provide us with new directions of thought. Every season we invite new inspiring individuals to tell a story – a Chapter – that changes our perspective of the world.

At Het HEM we treat each other with respect.
This basic rule applies to everyone present at Het HEM.

Het HEM is welcoming to all and we would like everyone to feel at home and free to be whoever they are.
That is why we expect an open-minded attitude from all our visitors.

Het HEM has banned verbal violence.
Cursing as well as offensive and hurtful comments are considered verbal violence.

Het HEM does not tolerate discrimination.
Discrimination is defined as ridiculing, name-calling or victimising someone based on background, religion, sex, age, behaviour, appearance, attire or sexual orientation.

Intimidation is not allowed at Het HEM.
Intimidation includes verbal intimidation, intimidating language and/or physical intimidation.

Sexual intimidation is not allowed at Het HEM.
Sexual intimidation is defined as making sexual allusions or pushing for physical contact.

Het HEM does not tolerate physical violence or attempted physical violence.

Illegal weapons and hazardous objects are not allowed into Het HEM and will always be confiscated by security.

Damaging any of Het HEM’s property or that of its employees or its visitors is not allowed.

Under no circumstances does Het HEM tolerate theft.

Visitors under the influence of drugs may be refused entry to Het HEM.
Possession and/or consumption of drugs is not tolerated at Het HEM. Alcohol is allowed as long as it doesn’t cause any nuisance.

An age limit is attached to some of our public programme activities. For club nights: minimum age is 18 years; identification is required on request of our security staff.

Aboard our Amsterdam CS - Het HEM ferry, consuming alcohol is not permitted.