Amulet & Photon: Join us for the screening and performance event

Het HEM and The Couch will present a new commissioned video work, ‘Amulet,’ by Molly Palmer, on July 6th. The film will be shown in Het HEM’s screening room, preceded by a new performance, ‘Photon,’ by artist Sancha Meca Castro. The performance revisits the gestures, objects and texts developed during the filming process of ‘Amulet’.

In ‘Amulet’, participants look for signs within the ordinary. The group shares contradictory – sometimes overwhelming or unsettling, and yet intriguing – experiences of finding beauty in the signals they receive. Instead of tuning them out, as they have been taught to, they decide to move towards them, to wilfully rediscover and connect to rhythms of looking and listening. As in all of Palmer’s work, Amulet is layered and complex yet visceral and intuitive; a work that expands its circle of protection to all who need it.

Join us at the screening and performance surrounding Amulet.


“We tend to think that our perception is linear, but in fact it is radically fragmented. We blink, we turn our heads, we travel at extraordinary speed. Our vision is interrupted and held inside devices that open endless tunnels to other locations, images, maps and information.” – Molly Palmer

The bar is open at 18:00 for drinks and bites. The performance begins at 19:00. As the performance ends, the audience will be guided to Het HEM’s screening room to watch 'Amulet'. You’re welcome to come even earlier for a walk around the building and a visit of the Open Studio Expo #4.