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RAAAF: Still Life

In the former munitions factory Het HEM, millions of bullets were produced during the Cold War for the use of NATO soldiers worldwide. Still Life creates a link between the past, present and future of this loaded heritage. The source material for bullet production has been melted down into four heavy brass plates. The large plates move between the columns in an unpredictable rhythm; combined, they open and close the perspective of this immense space. The viewer is forced to continually re-relate themselves with the work and the space, as the brass plates move slowly away from the viewer, only to inevitably return.

RAAAF operates at the crossroads of visual art, architecture and philosophy. Erik and Ronald Rietveld founded their multidisciplinary studio in 2006. RAAAF has since become widely known for site-specific art installations that intervene in the existing built environment and its historical context.

Still Life was commissioned by Amerborgh International.

9 dates with Still Life

We each understand artworks in our own distinctive ways. Moreover, a single person might gain different understandings from just one work. For the coming nine Chapters, Ko van ’t Hek will be dating the artwork Still Life by RAAAF, writing a column each time he does so.

RAAAF, Still Life, 2019
Cast brass, steel beams, crane trolleys
4 plates 5.30 × 3.30 m, length of movement through the space 70 × 17 m