Artist Spaces


Where art is exhibited, art can surely also be produced. Within the walls of Het HEM, we offer studio spaces in an organised environment where artists can develop their practice, free from any specific participation in a programme or group show. Some artists stay for a week, others for six months. Aukje Dekker, artist and co-founder of the NDSM Wharf’s Sexyland and Eddie the Eagle Museum, co-ordinates the fluctuating use of the spaces and is the first to move into one of the six studios in May.

Aukje Dekker
Marilyn Sonneveld
Sam Andrea
Susanna Inglada
Jan Steenman



There’s one spot from which Het HEM can be experienced around the clock: a single apartment for our artist-in-residency. Every Chapter, the space is inhabited by an artist or the guest curator themselves, allowing for total immersion in Het HEM.