Our mission

Situated in a former munitions factory, Het HEM is a new home for contemporary culture.

Together with today’s visionaries, we develop multidisciplinary art programmes that shed new light on the world around us. Central to this is a playful and open approach in both creating and experiencing art. In addition to our exhibition spaces, Het HEM has a living room with a library, a café restaurant with a library and a terrace on the waterfront, and a hi-fi music bar. On top of that, Het HEM houses Restaurant Europa.

‘Culture happens in communities.’

We present a new Chapter three times a year, each taking you into the world of today’s creative makers and thinkers: individuals who broaden our horizons through their personal stories, professional practice and perspectives. With them as our discussion partners, we develop a unique programme based on their philosophy, as a guide for new directions of thought. In addition, we offer a platform to various disciplines such as the visual arts, dance, music, light and sound art, theatre and film, as well as science, politics and philosophy.


Het HEM Foundation is a foundation affiliated with Het HEM BV that has an ANBI status, with an independent board – providing a broad and international network in the arts sector and the socio-cultural domain – and a single manager appointed by Het HEM’s board. Het HEM Foundation has been commissioned to produce a multidisciplinary programme that largely takes place within Het HEM and appeals to a broad local, national and international audience. Our programme focuses on experimentation, human values, the experience of art and the unique context of our building.

Located at the intersection of a cosmopolitan city and nearby village areas, industry and nature, past and future, Het HEM is uniquely positioned to become a base for anyone with a thirst for inspiration, insight and encounters as a sounding board to reflect on our current times. With its programme, Het HEM ushers a new movement that supports artistic experimentation and lowers the threshold for art for its audiences, with the aim to increase cultural participation and public involvement in social concerns.

To achieve this goal and to position Het HEM as a leading cultural institution, the Foundation actively seeks cooperation with local, national and international artists, culture-makers and financial partners such as funding bodies, individuals and companies.

The board of the Foundation consists of:
Thomas van Dalen – Chairman
Hans Schamlé – Treasurer
Veysel Yüce – Secretary
Marian Spier – General member



At Het HEM we are regularly looking for enthusiastic people to strengthen our team. Open applications will not be processed.

Vacature Horecamedewerker (flexibel) NL


At the Hembrug site in Zaandam, behind high fences and strict security, the Artillery Establishments from 1895 produced firearms, artillery and ammunition for the Dutch army. In 2003 the site’s military functions were suspended and the first artists and creatives came to settle. A decade later, a few entrepreneurs followed after the government’s go-ahead to redevelop the site into a residential and recreational area.

Since 2017, Amerborgh International has been the owner of the former munitions factory on this site, a two-hundred-metre-long white building from 1956 on the banks of the North Sea Canal. In 2018, Het HEM BV was founded as a subsidiary of Amerborgh to give the munitions factory new purpose as a meeting place for contemporary culture. Het HEM Foundation was established that same year as the cultural conscience of Het HEM. The Foundation produces an artistic programme that keeps a close eye on developments across the Hembrug site and connects with social movements at a local, national and international level.

The controversial history and origin of the industrial area provides a contrasting framework for questioning the role of people and society. The expansion of the city of Amsterdam to Zaandam and the gentrification process that this entails also give direction to our programme.


Support from funding bodies, individuals and companies to Het HEM Foundation contribute towards the realisation of the artistic programme. Our patrons enable us to present, create and share art and culture in the most contemporary and wayward forms with as large and diverse an audience as possible. Together we usher a new movement that supports artistic experimentation and lowers the threshold for art for its audiences.

Het HEM is a cultural ANBI, an Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (Public Benefit Organisation), and does not have to pay tax on your donation. Therefore you donate 100%. Donating to an ANBI is often also tax deductible for the donor, making it possible to donate 100% and pay only 40%.

Are you enthusiastic about our mission? We would like to invite you for a meeting to explore the possibilities for collaboration. We are always looking for like-minded funding bodies, individuals and companies who want to think along with us and contribute to our programme.

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